The most efficient carbon removal

Carbon offset and biodiversity
preservation with a real impact

What's local offset

Local Offset is a carbon offset and biodiversity marketplace with a local impact.

Local Offset connects companies with local forest and landowners whose natural carbon sinks offset businesses’ climate footprints.

  • Transparent and reliable carbon offset

    Track each tonne you’ve offset down to the specific carbon sink that stores it.

  • Most efficent carbon removal

    Invest in carbon sequestration in soil and forests - the quickest means of capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

  • Fair business models with real impact

    Carbon offset earnings go directly to land owners to finance the switch to sustainability.

Sell carbon offset with your forest

Enter your forest details and we we'll estimate how much CO₂ your forest captures every year. Get in touch with us for an exact price.

We'll give you a rough estimate based on your forest land size in hectares.

Enter your forest's annual growing stock volume for more precise estimation.

Your forest sequesters

T/CO₂ per year


Sell carbon offset and earn

€ per year

How it works

Local Offset tokenizes natural resources for their carbon offset potential and biodiversity.

For every tonne of CO₂ your business emits, you buy an offset token from the Local Offset market - and make your business climate neutral.

In the pilot program, you can finance the switch to sustainable forest management that preserves biodiversity and phases out intensive clear-cuts in forestry. In the next phase, we’ll add all nature preservation and restoration activities to the marketplace that increase carbon sequestration in, for example, agriculture and wetlands.

Who we are


We’re a team of eight people with diverse backgrounds, passionate about making nature protection and preservation an integral part of the current economy. We got off to a flying start by winning the Garage48 Future of Wood hackathon, proving that sustainable forest management is financially feasible if combined with the carbon offset business model.

We’re now proud to be a part of the AccelerateEstonia program and collaborate with the Estonian state on creating a transparent and reliable carbon offset market. We’re also extremely lucky to participate in the first batch of Beamline Beta accelerator by Cleantech ForEst.

Let’s talk! Get in touch with us:

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Andrus Aaslaid
Kaiko Kivi
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